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Vice-Chancellor's Message


Prof. K R Venugopal

I am happy to share few thoughts on UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) of Bangalore University, Bengaluru since its inception from 2000, visionary–teaching and learning process and implemented the mission of updating the knowledge and skills in higher education of the stakeholders through Orientation programmes, Refresher Courses, Short-term Courses and Workshops effectively and committed to. It is also pertinent to mention that, UGC-HRDC strive their efforts to meet the global competence involving academic and recent developments to make the stake holders as capacity builders and to strengthen their competence. Besides, organize training programmes for non-teaching staff and research scholars to meet the challenges pertaining to office keeping, digitalized competition and latest developments in financial, administrative and academic issues.

Director's Message

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Prof. C Srinivas

UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Bangalore University, Bengaluru is continuously cater to the needs of the teachers/academic administrators, research scholars, non-academic staff to advance their knowledge /skills through systematic educational updating modules and methodologies for more than two decades. We humbly strive and dedicate ourselves for the noble cause of teacher-education in the context of Indian ethos “Ächarya Devobhava”. Accordingly, we respect to shower on every teacher as God Head and serve the teacher fraternity to refresh their knowledge and train them to become universal competent which is also our vision and mission.

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